I'm Jessamine Dana, an anthropology PhD who loves design.

Research and ideation have been a key part of my training and career experience. I am equally capable of managing projects and processes that deliver results.

I work with people and materials to create insights, prototypes, products, and change.

Founder and Director of the Woman and the Owl Project, research and resource center for the development of womens spiritual leaders in new and native traditions.

D.Phil (PhD) in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Oxford

M.Phil (MA) in Material Anthropology and Museum Ethnography from the University of Oxford

Jessamine at work

Things don't need to be big, expensive, or perfect before you can get awesome results.

Communicating ideas

I bring expertise in how to produce innovative ideas, create stakeholder partnerships, and in leadership coaching.

I have developed a strong preference for working with multi-disciplinary teams, particularly with engineers and designers. I believe in communicating usable insights to stakeholders throughout the project process not just dumping take-away reports at the end.

Agile is my native approach to projects. The seeds of my agility were planted working with UNESCO in Nepal, Oxford Analytica and Intel Corp.


Ethnography Interviewing Experience mapping Participatory design toolbox Video Editing Persona construction Mid-stream analysis Post-mortem analysis Validation Brief-creation Guerilla testing User research Process management Agile methods and management Articulating a vision Interaction design Branding and communication Relationship management Excellent presentation skills


Final cut-pro KDenLive Microsoft and LibreOffice productivity suites SPSS NVivo Drupal Wordpress Basecamp Social media marketing analytics

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Jessamine Dana, PhD
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